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Quality management

ANO PUMP strictly performs overall quality management system, which is not just focus on the final inspection, but is a comprehensive system throughout the entire production process.

1. Raw Materials Control
Through initial screening, filtering, sampling, and careful testing of a number of conditions, ANO ensures that the high quality of the raw materials used in production meets the standard and customer’s specified requirement

2. Manufacturing Control
Benefit from the data-driven statistical management method, ANO continues to upgrade our manufacturing technology and improve the standards and procedures of production, which leads to a higher productivity, reliability, and quality!

3.Quality Control

Benefit from the comprehensive database systems, ANO has established a thorough quality inspection system, to ensure that each micro pumps meets the highest standards and customer’s critical application.

4. Customer Service

Pay close attention to your requirement, discover your needs, offering you the optimal pump solutions. ANO is committed to establish a long-term and valued partnership with you!

5.Philosophy at

Achieve the value of yours and ours in micro diaphragm pumps solution is our No.1 goal.