Company profile

Shenzhen ANO Technology Co.,LTD . (abbr. ANO PUMP) is a professional manufacturer of high-end micro diaphragm liquid pumps, micro diaphragm gas pumps, micro solenoid valves, magnetic drive gear pump and oilless piston vacuum pumps.

ANO is a group company, which is located in Shenzhen of China.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in high-end micro diaphragm pumps production.

The pumps produced by ANO are mainly applied in medical industry, inkjet printing industry, precision dosing, gas analysis & monitoring, and environmental industry etc.

The main properties of our micro diaphragm pumps are:

Small and quiet!

Long life span and durable!

Non-backflow & non-leakage!

Oil-free & maintenance-free

High stability and high precision!

Good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion!

ANO has gained trustful long-term relationship with worldwide customers due to our professional production technology, reliable sales team and most reasonable price. We also provide the pumps solutions according to your customized requirement.

ANO is a well-known brand in China. Besides ANO PUMP, we also own ANO supply chain company which ensures that ANO’s oversea customers can have mature international logistics support.

Philosophy at ANO/ what does ANO means: Achieve the value of yours and ours in micro diaphragm pumps solution is our No.1 goal.